Mesotherapy makes it possible to supply the skin with a set of necessary nutrients by means of injections. To achieve that, specially prepared vitamin cocktails are used which are adjusted to the needs of the skin and the type of the treatment. Subcutaneous injections deliver nutrients to appropriate parts such as face, neck, cleavage, scalp, buttocks, thighs and belly, which temporarily hydrates and nourishes the skin as well as prevents hair loss and cellulite. Needle mesotherapy makes it possible to inject substances which could not penetrate the skin as cosmetic ingredients due to the presence of the so called epidermal barrier. It also stimulates regeneration processes in the skin by creating many extremely small wounds after needle prick.

Skin revitalisation Wrinkles reduction Firmness restoration – 150 – 1500 PLN
Hands rejuvenation – brightening, reduction of discolouration, age spots and flaccidity of the skin 800 PLN
Anti-cellulite effect – from 350 PLN
Hair loss treatment – from 200 PLN

Scalp mesotherapy.
Hair loss treatment – mesotherapy is most often used to treat hair disorders which result in hair loss or significant weakening of hair structure. By applying mineral substances, vitamins and anti-inflammatory drugs into the scalp it is possible to nourish the hair, stop hair loss or even stimulate the growth of lost hair. The mixture nourishes the hair, regenerates its structure and prevents hair loss.

Recommended in the case of:

  • Hair loss resulting from poor diet, weak blood circulation, hormonal changes during pregnancy, lactation.
  • Androgenic alopecia.
  • Alopecia areata.
  • Weak hair requiring strong nourishment.

Price: from 200 PLN

It is recommended to apply a series of 3-4 treatments every 3-4 weeks.